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The Challenge

Your contribution for a better world starts today!

We challenge all of you to become part of the big project “We live Diversity” created by Lufthansa City Center. We want to know how you in your individual companies support diversity. Which role does it play and which actions are you taking to push and promote diversity in your work environment. We are looking for creative and innovative ideas that improve the working experience.

How to participate?

Ideally you participate in this challenge as a team of 3-10 people. Develop a creative idea how you can strengthen at least one of the dimensions of diversity in your company and come up with a concrete action plan. You can also hand in activities and measures that you have already implemented in your company.
Send back this Challenge Submission Form and include pictures and video material. Everything that brings your idea to life is welcome!

What qualifies for the challenge?

Basically there are no wrongs here. You can hand in any kind of activity that helps your employees/colleagues to feel more respected and takes steps to eliminate or reduce incidents of bullying, harassment or discrimination. Your initiative should lead to positive actions to enable talented employees to realise their full potential.

Maybe you have already a project in place that supports young people that have trouble finding a job by giving them the opportunity to do a traineeship in your company. Or your company has special offers that enable women to have flexible working hours to combine career and family. Other companies may take part in the Christopher Street Day Parades with their own float. If you have people of different ages working in your company you could set up an Exchange Day where you bring together the young professionals and the old hands to learn from each other. Or you simply set up a workshop where intercultural competence is being trained.

Everything is possible here!

Who to contact?

If you are not sure about your idea or you want to have feedback on the project you are planning, write an email to Tamara and Carla are more than happy to discuss your ideas and develop them further. Also all applications to the challenge can be sent directly to this email address until 31.07.2018

What to gain?

A challenge is not only a call to engage in something and asks for a special effort. It is also always a contest. Therefore we will have an online voting in place as of 1.09.2018 to vote for your favourite project. All nominees will be shown on this website. For the winning agency we will send over a surprise package for the team and will sponsor the participation to Frankfurt for the LCC Annual Summit to present the project in front of the LCC network. 

Challenge accepted? YES!


Download material

To promote the challenge in your agency we have prepared a logo and a post for you to download.