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Diversity was present in my life from young age on as I was born and raised in a multicultural trilingual family. One could say it is in my DNA. My colleagues and best friends are from around the world. I work for a global franchise company which is represented in over 90 countries. As a global player it has never been a more appropriate time to build our business reputation in equality and bring awareness to the importance of engaging and cultivating a diverse environment inside our company but also beyond that. We want to educate, explore and uncover memes and fear around diversity, bias, race, political correctness, etc. Having an international network at hand I believe we sit at the source to create ideas and frameworks, share existing approaches that are easy to implement for others. We want to make real impact and long-lasting results. More than once.

Carla Banc

One of the most exciting aspects of working with Lufthansa City Center is the sheer wealth of cultural diversity that the company offers, both, internally and through its world-wide network of agency partners. Our world is beautiful because it is diverse and this is aptly reflected within our company. I am convinced that this ‘diversity’ is our greatest asset and strength.

Savio Monsorate

The term diversity has long passed being some kind of fancy word people or companies use to put themselves in the centre of attention when it comes to good publicity. In my opinion diversity is nothing to be discussed anymore but rather to be lived each and every single day. The world is so big and there is so much to learn and to discover and without diversity this would just not be possible. So much more can be achieved when everyone contributes what he or she can do best than just doing your own thing over and over again. My biggest hope is that for the generations to come “being different” is not something that separates you from others but is rather something that makes you unique and valuable to your community because you have something others don’t have.

Tamara Laudt